Affordable Self-Published Author Marketing Services!

So you have self-published a book, and you are ready for it to sell. You worked long and hard and you are ready to sit back and watch it fly off the press into readers' hands and stores where readers will discover your masterpeice. 

Sorry, the work is just beginning, and I am here to make the process smoother. I can not, however, do it without your help. Let me explain ...

If you want to sell anything, there must be established, recognizable brand awareness. This process is best to begin before the book is even completed and avaiable for purchase. It is possible to come in after the fact, but a larger time frame is inevitable for any visible return on your marketing investment. The branding emerges in much the same way as your story does, and creating them together leads to a solid branding connection. It is as if you are writing a new story that entices customers to want to know more and read your book. In this way, marketing and story telling is a very similar beast. 

Branding can established in many ways:

                  * Author Interviews, signings, and events. It's my job to create these opportunities,                        but yours to commit your time and enthusiasm  to them.

                   * Social Media Connections - timely and engaging posts

                   * Reviews of your work by established reviewers

                   * Print materials such as book marks, banners, and point of purchase signs

                   * Finding established venues to sell your book - local bookstores,, and                         possibly obtaining a distributor such as Baker and Taylor