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Isabella Propeller and the Magic Beanie: 



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Blackwatch Stables Series: 

The Secret of Blackwatch: Press Release

The Secret of the New Rider: Agent Query

Paisly Pony Magaizine Write Up 

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Corbilina Series:

Corbilina Kindness Activities

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Decatur Book Festival Book Appearance Press Release

The Little Blind Shepherd by Kay Hall

Little Josh is blind, and his doting mother has finally agreed that, with his brothers guidance, he can join them one evening to tend the sheep.  The starry night brings a visit from an angel, sharing the news of Christ the Savior’s birth. The boys follow a bright star to the east to find the manger. Join Little Josh and his brothers as they travel to Bethlehem and are given the greatest gift ever imagined.





Author Gail E. Haley

Creation of new website and general marketiong of her newest novel, Madwomen of Meriweather